Unmei on iPhone

Unmei : The simplest and fun to use dating App on your iPhone !

Use for free, pay only for premium features

No fake account

Respect your privacy


What is it ?

Unmei App Icon Unmei means destiny in Japanese, this App redefines how dating should be done : fun, free, mobile and very simple to use !

Key features :

- Finds your soulmate and tell you how far he/she is from you
- Freemium App : use for free, pay only for premium features
- No fake account
- Respect your privacy : We use only distances but your exact position is private.

Why ?

We believe that most of dating apps or websites are no fun to use and sometimes just too complicated. Finding people to date should be fun and extremely simple.

How does the magic works ?

Unmei asks you a new question everyday and asks you to choose a 2 color set from a list, with our own secret magic recipe, everyday you get a new ranking of people who match your profile and how far they are from you. You can then check their profiles and get in touch.

We worked very hard to provide you a great experience and make your life easy to find people you will really like. If you're not satisfied, please tell us about it, we'll be more than happy to try harder to make this app the best for you !


Design & coding : FJ Plus, Inc
For information update, please check our twitter account @fjplus.

Version History

v4.0 2014/12/06

v3.0.4 2014/03/20

v3.0 2013/12/20

v2.9.2 2013/11/14

v2.7 2013/10/05

v2.6 2013/09/20

v2.5 2013/05/27

v2.4 2013/01/28

v2.3 2012/12/24

v2.2.1 2012/11/12

v2.2 2012/11/10

v2.1 2012/10/09

v2.0 2012/07/25

v1.6 2012/05/31

v1.5 2012/04/19

v1.4 2012/04/02

v1.2 2012/02/27

v1.1 2012/02/16

v1.0 2012/01/26 Project start

Informations :

Name: Unmei / Price: Free

Version: 4.4 (» version history)

Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch

Running OS 6.0 software or later.

Language: 日本語 / English

Screenshots :

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